Being a Bulldog

The yearbook is not only a keepsake of the memories of friends, teachers and school events through your child’s elementary school years. It also conveys the feelings of friendship and family, of winning and of trying your hardest, of learning new things….a feeling of being brave, bold and above all, beloved. 

Being a Bulldog is 80 coloured pages containing multiple pictures of every student and teacher. It features so many of the school events, teams, classes and clubs captured since the first day of school.

Being a Bulldog will be handed out to the students who ordered them at the end of the school year. 

$26.00 a copy, payable by credit or Square. 
Or pay by cheque in the school office.

Being a Bulldog Yearbook Helper: Want an easy, rewarding way to get to know the students, teachers and other parents better? Want to get a peak inside the classroom to see the wonder of learning? Then volunteer to help with the yearbook next year. Spend as much or as little time as you can. Most tasks you can even do from your computer at home! Let us know what you’d like to contribute by clicking here.