Chess is a really fun sport for improving your child’s math and intelligence. The nation-wide Chess’ N Math Association teaches chess in our school, during lunch, for all levels. Chess-sets are supplied, classes are small for individual instruction, and certificates are awarded at the end of each session.

Using a variety of recycled materials, young artists will combine their creative imaginations to create multi-layered art pieces, using found and everyday materials. Students will have the opportunity to build 3-d creations and sculptures, while learning about the environment and reducing our impact on earth. Each term, materials and themes will change but projects may include robots, animals in their habitats, under the sea and more.

A Bennington favourite. Designed to fulfill the Science and Technology components of the Ontario School Curriculum. Each student builds their own project and all projects have moving parts. We use mainly reclaimed wood and other materials so we teach the students the value of making “something from nothing”.  Send e-transfer to $169.50. Note, if payment has not been received by the third session, your child will not be admitted into the program.

Builders will have their imaginations challenged weekly with creatively themed builds. Students will be encouraged to share their creations, and how they came up with the idea. The Brick Labs’ Instructor will guide and mentor students in how to take ideas from a concept to a piece they are willing to share with their peers. Creative Design is a unique way to encourage children to understand that imagination is a powerful tool in idea development. Intrinsically, they will build self-esteem and confidence, feeling more comfortable in group settings.

Minimum 10 / Maximum 16 Students

Minimum 12 Students

A comprehensive safety program that prepares children to stay at home alone. A life skills program for children in grades 4-6. Topics include Street Smarts, At Home Safety, Online Safety, Fire Safety and First Aid.

Minimum 8 / Maximum 10 Students

Minimum 10 / Maximum 22 Students

ELECTRIC MOON THEATRE COMPANY brings Broadway to Bennington Heights with StageStruck Musical Theatre! This captivating lunch-time program is perfect for any child who likes to sing, dance and act. This is a non-competitive theatre program and no past theatre experience is necessary – all you need is an open-mind and big imagination! Taught by theatre professionals, in this performance-based program, junior actors will discover the joys of theatre arts. Featuring basic elements of musical theatre and acting, via song, dance and scene work, students will be immersed in the music of their favourite Broadway shows. Over the course of the program they will learn improv and theatre games, full song and dance numbers, work on character development and more! This class builds self-esteem, confidence and teamwork in a collaborative and fun setting!

Minimum 8 / Maximum 24 Students

Design any type of structure and space you want! This class will explore the fundamentals of architectural design, both in drawing and model form. Students will be able to handpick what they would like to design and some of the materials that they would like to use, based on their interests and past experience in this course or other art-based classes. We will use 2- and 3-dimensional methods of representational drawings, scale models and collage in designing the student’s own spaces and structures. Each student will begin with an abstract concept for their specific design and end the term with a clear representation of that idea in drawing and scale model.

Minimum 10 / Maximum 16 Students

The Bennington Heights Lunchtime Program is run by an independent community association called Bennington Heights After 4 Association.  We are not associated with the Toronto District School Board, Bennington Heights School Council or Home and School Association