Meet Our Members

Happy Young Man

Shamira Dewshi

Co-Chair and Class Parent - Ms Phelps

Shamira is mom to Adam (Grade 2) and Noah (JK)

She has a background in Marketing and loves taking long walks.

Woman Artist

Shraddha Walker

Co-Chair and Co-Class Parent - Ms Ali and Ms Robichaud

Shraddha is mom to Sophie (Grade 3) and James (Grade 1)

She is the Chief Operating Officer of Centre Street Enterprises, a privately held investment and advisory firm, and serves on numerous non-profit Boards in the city. Shraddha loves to cook, bake, and entertain.

Young Woman with Curly Hair

Ashina Manji


Ashina is mom to Ayana (JK)

She is a buyer at Brunello Cucinelli and loves to ...

Woman Artist

Susan Vance

Past Chair

Susan is mom to Declan (Grade 4) and Hayden (Grade 2)

She has a background in Investment Management and loves her puppies!

Young Woman with Curly Hair

Jessica Chang

Past Chair

Jessica is mom to Noah (Grade 7, a Bennington Grad), Lila (Grade 5), and Luke (Grade 3)

She has a background in ... and loves to ...

Smiling Man with Glasses

Eileen Liu

Yearbook Lead

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Smiling Young Woman

Shannon Partridge

Class Parent - Ms Burley and Ms Constantopoulos

Shannon is mom to Henry (Grade 1) and Ashton (SK)

She has a background in ... and loves ...

Smiling Businessman

Shenade Walker

Class Parent - Ms Ali

Shenade is mom to Matthew (Grade 4) and Olivia (Grade 1)

She is Associate General Counsel and Director of Legal Services in the healthcare industry, and loves...

Portrait of Smiling Woman

Soraya Stevens

Class Parent - Ms Robichaud

Soraya is mom to Juno (Grade 4) and Boan (Grade 3)

She is ____ and enjoys _____

Young Businessman

Colleen Groth

Class Parent - Ms Kahng

Colleen is mom to ____ (Grade 6) and ____ (Grade ?)

She is ____ and enjoys _____

Male Portrait

Rebecca Delic

Member at Large

Rebecca is mom to Jesse (Grade 6) and ____ (Grade ?)

She is ____ and enjoys _____.

As previous head of the Fun Fair Committee, Rebecca is our resident expert on all things Fair related!

Happy Young Man

Susan Mainprize

Member at Large

Susan is mom to Victoria (Grade 6) and ____ (Grade ?)

She is ____ and enjoys _____