Home & School Activities and Roles

The Home & School committee is the fundraising and community building part of Bennington Heights. It is run by parent volunteers.

Every year, we organize and run:

  • Pizza lunch and/or Subway lunch

  • Movie Night

  • Haunted House

  • Holiday Bazaar

  • Biennial Fundraiser (2019 Starry Nights)

  • Fun Fair

  • Yearbook 

The money fund raised is used for school programs, I-pads and computers and also pays for the school buses to our winter activity days, to name just a few.

For our the 2019-2020 school year we're looking to fill the following roles:



  • the spider-in-the-web function -

  • 5-10 hours monthly predominantly online and from home


  • 2 hours/month (including the odd email, picking up Subs and quick shop for desserts)

for more information on what each role, please click the respective buttons.

Being a Bulldog Yearbook Helper

Want an easy, rewarding way to get to know the students, teachers and other parents better? Want to get a peak inside the classroom to see the wonder of learning? Then volunteer to help with the yearbook next year. 

Spend as much or as little time as you can. Most tasks you can even do from your computer at home! Let us know what you’d like to contribute by clicking below.

Thank you! The kids love reading their yearbooks again and again, so very much appreciate your help.

Contact us if you want to;
  • Help take pictures at school events (happens at whatever events you are available to attend through the year)
  • Help layout the pages and design the yearbook (mostly done in Jan/Feb/March/April, all done at home)
  • Help proofread and edit (happens in April/early May, mostly done at home)
  • Help with marketing and sales (happens mid May through mid June, mostly done at home)
  • Help by (co)leading the overall yearbook project and coordinating the team (done from September through June, mostly at home but some at school)



Kids, work, study, regular life is busy, so we understand you may feel that these roles might be too much to take on. If so, why not share it with a fellow parent?

Interested or if you would like more information, please drop us an email.

On a more general note;

Do you have fresh and fun ideas for new school events? Know how existing activities can be done better? 

We always like to meet new people with smart plans and good ideas. Contact us here.