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The Bennington Heights Home and School Association has been in existence for most of Bennington’s history.  It is an independent, parent-driven not for profit organization committed to supporting public education and enriching the in-class and extracurricular experience of all students.  With the support of our parent community, Home and School runs events throughout the school year that foster school spirit and raise funds which in turn allows the school to enhance the learning experience with additional programs and tools for all students.


School Council

All schools in Ontario are mandated by the Ministry of Education to have an elected School Council,  an important forum involving all members of the school community on issues that affect the education of students. It is made up of an elected executive committee of parents, plus staff, the Principal, and a general membership which includes all parents of children attending the school. The Council advises the Principal on a variety of issues and activities relating to student achievement, curriculum goals and priorities, school budget priorities, school improvement plans, student engagement and school safety. 


Home and School works closely with School Council and the Principal to set a fundraising plan by the end of October for each school year.  The Principal brings forward the School and Teacher Wish List so all members understand the needs of the school.  School Council’s mandate is to engage the parent community for ideas on how to enrich the student’s education and bring these items forward for consideration.  The three entities work collaboratively and vote to set the budget based on the information provided in the October School Council meeting each year.


If you have an hour here or there this year and would like to help out with any or all of our Home and School events, please consider signing up. We need people on a monthly basis for pizza and Subway. You can help around Halloween to build/take down our Haunted House, help organize the Holiday Bazaar or help during the day, the Fun fair at the end of the school year and many more.


Become a Home & School Member

We’d like to invite every parent interested in our activities to become a Home & School member. On average we meet once a month, straight after school drop off, to discuss any upcoming events, our fundraising goals and how best to spend those funds.

We ‘re looking forward to another fun-filled and educationally enticing school year.

Jan 31


Fun Fair Meeting

Jan 29


Sub Lunch

Feb 11


Home & School Meeting

Jan 31


Beach Day

Feb 5


First Pizza Lunch - 2nd Half

Feb 12


First Sub Lunch - 2nd Half




Email: bhhands@gmail.com


Marla Cameron

Jessica Chang

Susan Vance


Shamira Dewshi


Email: bhesfunfair@gmail.com


Rebecca Delic

Fun Fair Lead


Pizza Lunch Dates

Wed, Feb 5

Wed, Feb 19

Wed, Mar 4

Wed, Mar 25

Wed, Apr 8

Wed, Apr 22

Wed, May 6

Wed, May 20

Wed, June 3

Wed, Jun 17

Sub Lunch Dates

Wed, Feb 12

Wed, Feb 26

Wed, Mar 11

Wed, Apr 1

Wed, Apr 15

Wed, Apr 29

Wed, May 13

Wed, May 27

Wed, June 10

Wed, Jun 24

Home & School is an independent parent run, non-profit organization, independent of the TDSB. All proceeds are spent on enrichment for Bennington Heights students working in unison with the school. 

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